Bespoke Product Design

1g-benelux produces via UK a small range of products aimed at making systems of all sizes easier to use. Many of these have been developed following specific requests from customers. We have built up the capability to design, prototype, procure and build products covering a range of functions and technologies. All instruments are designed, built and certified to current EU safety standards.

If you have a particular requirement you are finding difficult to fulfil please contact 1g-benelux, as we would be happy to investigate the best way to meet your needs.


This position indicator was developed to solve the problem of centring the armature when the shaker is located under a climatic chamber. Adjusting the load support is difficult on this type of system, as the armature cannot be seen. The position indicator can be added to most types of shaker and gives an unambiguous indication of armature ‘high’, ‘centre’ or ‘low’ position.


Organising multiple monitoring signals on larger systems is simplified with this style of patch panel. One panel located beside the shaker is wired to an identical panel in the control room. Full screening of signal cables is maintained throughout to minimise noise problems.