Spare Parts


Spare parts held in stock or on short delivery.

1g-benelux prides itself on customer service, whether it is a technical query or an urgent request for spare parts, we like to think we do it better than anyone else.

We realise that the reliability of your system depends on the quality of the parts we fit. That is why our spares have been subject to our engineering replacement programme to ensure all parts will give our customers the service life they expect.

We know that your system, the demands of your test programme and ultimately your business depends on the reliable functioning of your vibration test system.

1g-benelux also has a wide range of mechanical and electronic components, including many obsolete or hard to obtain items in stock in UK. Within the mechanical spare parts sector, we stock all major manufactures parts new and obsolete /hard to obtain parts covering brands such as LDS, LE, ETS, IMV, UD, Dongling, Tira and Gearing and Watson and more.

  • Service Kits
  • Seals, flexures, diaphragms & O-rings
  • Bearings and shafts
  • Fixings, springs & Mounts
  • Rollers and suspension


Within 1g-benelux electrical spare parts department we hold a comprehensive range of obsolete parts and electronics products to support the older shaker systems that only 1g-benelux can support, plus keeping stock of all current levels of electrical parts for current market systems.

Please contact 1g dynamics if you require support including aspects such as:

  • Braid Connectors, looms and harnesses.
  • Switches, Contacts and reflective targets
  • Relays, Fuses and PCB’s
  • Amplifier Modules and control panels